bullet Didn't this used to be called the "Holden Hot Laps" experience...?
bulletDo I have to pre-book to do the NZV8 Hot Laps experience...?
bullet Can I purchase a V8 Hot Laps Ride gift voucher for someone else...?
bulletCan we do drive programs and/or V8 Hot Laps for conference activities etc...?
bulletDo you supply participant safety equipment...?
bulletWhat about some of the "other" hot lap providers...?
bulletDoes it still proceed if it is wet...?
bulletWhat else do we receive as part of the unique V8 Hot Laps experience...?
bulletDo we get to drive your Holden V8 Hot Lap vehicles ourselves...?

Didn't this used to be called the "Holden Hot Laps" experience...?
A    Yes it did...
For our first 7 years of our operation (up until Jan 2012) Holden were afforded the privilege of being our principal naming rights recipient and we originally traded as "Holden Hot Laps"

As and from January 2012, we have now dropped our naming sponsor and exclusively trade as NZV8 Hot Laps and we no longer have any formal direct association with them.
That having been said... in all respects, in reality, there are no practical changes or differences in our ongoing operation what so ever... as Holden were only ever a "naming rights recipient" and they took absolutely no active role, financial input or practical support of our NZV8 Hot Lap activities at any stage. 
Apart from the change of our trading name and peeling their logos off our cars... absolutely nothing has changed:
-    We still exclusively utilise the same 400kw 5700cc & 6000cc NZV8 Hot Lap cars that we have always used...
-    We still exclusively utilise the same experienced professional NZV8 Hot Lap drivers that we have always used...
-    We still exclusively utilise the same venues, safety equipment and other resources that we have always used...
-    We are still exclusively owned and operated by Advanced Driving Systems Limited, as we always have been...

Do I have to pre-book to do the NZV8 Hot Laps experience...?
A    Yes you do...
In order to ensure that staff and vehicle resources are in place to professionally conduct our NZV8 Hot Lap ride sessions, it is essential that confirmed attendance bookings are made and pre-paid in advance.
Also, so as to minimise the likelihood of any time delays for our NZV8 Hot Lap participants, we provide you with an "indicative" NZV8 Hot Lap experience time.
Any failure on your part to physically attend at the required arrival time for your pre-booked allocated time will result in the forfeiture of your NZV8 Hot Lap experience thru your non-attendance or subsequent late arrival.

Can I purchase a NZV8 Hot Laps Ride gift voucher for someone else...?
A    Yes you can...
A high percentage of our NZV8 Hot Lap experiences are purchased as a gift for others...
NZV8 Hot Laps is the ultimate gift option that is extremely easy to organise and the gift recipient is going to be thrilled and excited by the memorable experience.
        Purchase it for your spouse or partner...
         (This is the gift that gets them home still excited and appreciative!!!)
        NZV8 Hot Laps is the ultimate Christmas present that they will never forget...
            (Ho, Ho, NZV8 Hot Laps... Go Flat Out!!!)
        Friends all chip in to get it for one of your mates birthdays...
            (Better than everyone having to go shopping)
        Absolutely ideal as a memorable Father's Day gift...
            (Thanks for everything dad)
        A unique gift for the person that seemingly already has everything...
            (They won't have ever experienced any quite like this)
        Workmates chip in and get it as an unforgettable leaving gift...
            ("If I had known about this before... I would have left years ago")
        Purchased and used as a staff incentive reward for sales targets achieved...
            (Talk about motivating the staff!!!)
        Arranged as an incentive reward for your most valued corporate clients...
            (Something they won't forget in a hurry)
s with every other professional organisation, our gift vouchers and NZV8 Hot Lap attendances are all entirely conditional upon and are covered by our standard operational terms and conditions, which are fully displayed and published on this website

Can we do drive programs and/or NZV8 Hot Laps for Conference activities etc...?
A    Yes we can...
We can individually tailor and organise drive programs to complement and enhance your company conference or group event.
We specialise in arranging and conducting unforgettable Corporate Client Drive Day Events.
Dependent upon your individual requirements we can arrange everything for you, including supply of additional participant drive vehicles, multiple Hot Lap ride vehicles and professional drivers if required.
Visit our Corporate Drive Days page for further information and/or don't hesitate to ring us directly so as we can organise and configure your next "truly memorable" event for you.

Do you supply participant safety equipment...?
A    Yes we do...
NZV8 Hot Laps is an entirely professionally operated organisation that takes all practical steps to at all times ensure your personal safety, whilst maximising your enjoyment.
We have an extensive range of safety helmets for our participants to utilise (size XS to XXL)
NZV8 Hot Laps has an extensive selection of various sized racesuit overalls for participants (XS to 6XL)
Our dedicated 400kw Holden NZV8 Hot Lap vehicles are exclusively fitted with "extra-wide" RaceTech race seats and fully adjustable 4-point race harness, so as to easily and safely accommodate virtually all sizes of passengers (extra-large & very tall)

What about some of the "other" hot lap providers...?
A    Well...
It's good that you asked...
As with most things in life, all things are not created equal... 
When looking at "Hot Laps" please make sure you are actually comparing apples with apples.


There have been numerous other various less professional would-be Hot Lap providers
that have all progressively closed up and gone out of business leaving their pre-paid
would be clients and indebted suppliers very distressed and substantially out of pocket...

Be safe, Be sure and utilise New Zealand's professional 400kw NZV8 Hot Laps

-    Some other providers charge you more money for less laps...  
-    Then there are some would be weekend warrior race drivers who will charge you money to take you out in their old clapped out race cars for a spin... 
Also, there are some race drivers that try to do hot laps... but only on about about 4 days in total in an entire year... 
("Do you have any other dates at Manfeild in the next 9 months... Yeah Right")
Then there are the ones that sell you 3 hot laps... but the first part of the ride is warming up and the last part of the supposed 3 lap ride is letting the car cool down... so in effect you only get 2 flying laps 
("But I thought I had paid for 3 flying laps... Yeah Right")
Likewise, there are some that will take you for a ride in their "mildly worked road cars" or "older model racecars with spongy brakes" or they struggle to find enough fitting racesuits & safety helmet protective equipment for everyone... 

("She'll be right, it always makes that funny noise... Yeah Right")

-    Then there are the ones that offer to take you for "hot laps" in a flash road car that doesn't even have a full roll cage or race belts 
("That sounds really safe and professional doesn't it... Yeah Right")
-    Still "others" market and promote their old VT Commodore by the size of its engine... but then the only track circuit that they actually exclusively hire is the small 1.5km hardly used cheaper club training circuit out the back of the main Grand Prix race track circuit where they are unable to even go fast.
("Hot Laps... Yeah Right... more like Not Laps")     ("That wasn't what I thought I was paying for...")     (The've now recently gone bust!!)
Some "other" hot lap providers only utilise mildly modified "look the part" road cars, which are even still running the original "road car automatic transmissions" and/or 4 seats!!!
("Hot Laps in a race car... Yeah Right... How many race cars have you seen with automatic transmissions", let alone having 4 seats)     
("Yes please, pick me to be one of the two back seat passengers")
There are even some "other" hot lap providers who have given a number of their passengers the truly unforgettable lifelong memory of being in vehicles that have been repeatedly launched off the race track at high speeds by their drivers and smashed into concrete walls and Armco! 

("Where do I sign up for that type of ride... Yeah Right")

-    Then there are the "other" hot lap providers who are quite happy to have taken your money 9 - 12 mths ago, (or longer) but still haven't managed to actually get around to actually physically providing you with the actual hot laps yet, due to ongoing repeated "car problems" or non-disclosed lack of a car at all, or the fact that they only do a very few days, if at all in an entire year anywhere in NZ, or that a lot of the days that they list are false and made up dates...
(Keep waiting...)
-    Then there are the "other" hot lap providers who will only predominantly utilise their local venue so as to save themselves time & money... while costing you lots of wasted time and wasted money to have to travel to them 
(Why would you agree to travel the length of the North Island at your expense to go for a ride in a dodgy old look alike Holden or Ford and then only get to use the little short and slow Taupo club circuit...)

            (formally Holden Hot Laps) is totally different...
We are New Zealand's premier nationwide professional 400kw Holden NZV8 Hot Lap providers.
Were not a struggling race team taking people for a ride in a car with tired tyres, while trying to make some money to run their race cars... 
NZV8 Hot Laps is a professionally operated organisation that exclusively provides Holden NZV8 Hot Lap ride experiences for Corporates, company's and private individuals.
As part of the much larger Advanced Driving Systems nationwide organisation, NZV8 Hot Laps owns and operates two specifically designed, extensively modified and enhanced 400kw 5700cc & 6000cc NZV8 Holden VZ Commodore race cars which are solely dedicated and exclusively utilised as our NZV8 Hot Laps & NZV8 Race Experience vehicles.
(Our vehicles are not mildly worked and sign written look a like road cars or old outdated clapped out race cars running on old tyres and standard suspension, like some of the others still try to get away with)
Our dedicated 400kw Holden NZV8 Hot Lap vehicles are extensively equipped with full MSNZ approved race roll cages, designer extra large and extra wide RaceTech race seats, full Momo race-belt harnesses, fully modified and lowered race suspension, premium performance tyres and modified premium race performance brake packages.
Only suitably experienced specialist professional drivers who have been specifically approved by Advanced Driving Systems are authorised to pilot our 400kw Holden NZV8 Hot Lap ride vehicles.
Our exclusive NZV8 Hot Lap pilots have included 6 former National Race Champions... including a multiple NZV8 Champion, the NZV8 (tier 2) Champion, NZV8 Ute Champion, Pro7Pluse NZ Champion, a multiple Pro7 NI Champion & 3 time National Classic Champion and the BMW National Champion.
As a totally professional commercial organisation, NZV8 Hot Laps is fully committed to ensuring that our NZV8 Hot Lap ride activities minimise your risk and maintain your personal safety... whilst maximising your enjoyment and delivering a truly memorable NZV8 Hot Lap ride experience.
Our entire operational activities have been previously fully audited and pre-approved by a certified Dept of Labour O.S.H Inspector.

Does it still proceed if it is wet...?
A    Yes it does...
Generally speaking, rain will not adversely affect our NZV8 Hot Lap rides sessions and they are generally conducted in whatever the normal prevailing weather conditions are on the actual day... Wet and/or fine. 
Unless in the expert opinion of the very experienced NZV8 Hot Laps staff, that the prevailing weather and/or track conditions have become too extreme and are unsuitable to safely continue.
In this respect, their considered expert decision regarding operational safety will be binding, final and absolute.
The safety of our participants and our professional drivers is paramount and will not be compromised for convenience.
We will take all practical and necessary steps to ensure that the NZV8 operated Hot Lap sessions are at all times conducted safely and professionally.
During inclement weather, please ring (027) 2813385 or (027) 2813383 on the morning of your pre-booked NZV8 Hot Lap session in order to re-confirm that our NZV8 Hot Laps session is still proceeding and that there are no readily apparent or foreseeable weather or track issues. 

What else do we receive as part of the unique NZV8 Hot Laps experience...?
A    Apart from the absolute thrill and excitement of being the sole front seat passenger during the unforgettable on-track 400kw Holden NZV8 Hot Laps ride session, all participants will also subsequently receive:
       An exclusive NZV8 Hot Laps participation certificate...
    An unforgettable experience and a huge smile from having gone "flat out" & having "accelerated your life"
       The opportunity to take as many photos etc as you may wish of the cars, rides, drivers etc
       The opportunity of ordering & purchasing an exclusive NZV8 Hot Laps incar race footage DVD of your experience...
       (ONLY available on some occasions, and ONLY @ Pukekohe, exclusively thru Drivers Day Productions)

Q    Do we get to drive your Holden NZV8 Hot Lap vehicles ourselves...?
A    NO... Not during the NZV8 Hot Laps ride session...
Given the large amount of time, effort and money that has gone into exclusively creating our 400kw Holden NZV8 Hot Lap vehicles and also so as to ensure our participants personal safety, the vehicles will only be driven by professional drivers specifically approved and authorised by Advanced Driving Systems during the NZV8 Hot Lap ride sessions.

During our NZV8 Hot Laps ride experience our vehicles will be being driven in an extreme manner, near the maximum limits of tyre adhesion and therefore the personal physical driving abilities of the specially selected and exclusively trained professional drivers needs to be of the absolute highest standard.

However... we are able to provide the exclusive additional option of the NZV8 Race Drive Experience 
Where you get to actually drive one of our extensively modified race prepared 400kw V8 Holden Commodores on either the NZ Grand Prix Manfeild circuit / Aussy V8 Supercar Pukekohe Park Raceway circuit / Taupo Motorsport Park / Mike Pero Motorsport Park and/or Teretonga Park, with one on one expert race driving tuition from one of our specialist experienced NZV8 Race Experience Instructors.
(For more information on our exclusive NZV8 Race Drive Experience, visit: www.nzv8raceexperience.co.nz )


NZV8 Hot Laps and NZV8 Race Experiences are proudly conducted nationwide by Advanced Driving Systems Limited

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