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"Absolutely fantastic!!!  
Right up there with life's most memorable experiences.
I've flown over the Himalayas and this is up there with that.  
A memory for life.
Thank you guys!"
Andrew Baines

"It was... Flat Out!!!
The speed was unbelievable.  
I have the utmost respect for the Holden Hot Lap driver who was able to drive at absolutely full noise and still make each turn.
The 1st lap was frightful as we accelerated out of the pits...
By the end of the back straight my foot was hard to the floor wanting to brake...
The Hot Lap drivers foot was hard on the gas, going for yet another gear...
And he still made the hairpin corner, as he drifted the back end around.
The next 2 laps permanently engraved the same impressions into my memory forever.
Simply Awesome!!!"

Aaron Thomas

"Awesome Mind Blowing Experience!!!
This was the best thing I have ever done and I am well travelled and have tried lots of things.
From arriving at the track the crew were very helpful and everybody explained things clearly.
This should be a lot better promoted.  I have told so many people that are now going to have a go. 
They didn't even know that you could do this."

Graeme Frank

"Thanks Stu.
The Holden Hot Laps Corporate Client Day that we hosted at Pukekohe was fantastic.
An absolutely great day was had by all our guests.
Thanks very much to you and the Holden Hot Laps crew.
The catered food was perfect and you will definitely be seeing us again."

Adian Taylor   -   Dimond

"Thank you so much.  It was an awesome experience.  
I will never forget it.  This was a dream come true!!!"

Bella Tupetoa

"Fantastic... well worth the money and the time.  Best experience of my life.
Thank you so much... you guys are awesome."         

Louise Jones

The Holden Hot Lap driver was great, staff were friendly and helpful.  
I want to go around again.  Thanks for a wonderful experience!"

Rachel Lewis

Will be doing it again and will be telling everyone."

Phil Garrett

"Holden Hot Laps was a gift... as I love watching motorsport etc.  
The voucher had only just expired, but Stu kept it valid anyway
(really appreciated that)
Nothing like seeing it on TV.  The Holden's grip level was amazing.
The braking performance was exceptional and was late as... and I was loving it.
Absolutely awesome experience!!!  Will have to get the girlfriend in the car."

Matt Clarke

Much better than I thought it would be.

M Hempleman

Want to do it again"

Matt Smith

"Fantastic experience
A real nose to the pavement experience in speed
Gave a really great understanding of the skills and thrills of motorsport racing
Thanks a lot!"

Graeme Abbot

"Very exciting and enjoyable.  Would definitely do it again"
Mike Gregory

"Most impressive was the braking and extreme cornering"         
Mike Anda

I loved the drift in the corners.
My best experience ever.
Thanks a lot"        

Riaz Hussain

"Loved it.
Loved the extreme speed in the corners.
Would recommend it."         

Scott Hunter


NZV8 Hot Laps and NZV8 Race Experiences are proudly conducted nationwide by Advanced Driving Systems Limited